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R E A C H is that space that encourages the products made by special hands and acknowledges the beauty in their imperfections. Nearly 1% of the world’s population is differently-abled but 90% of the world is disabled to see the abilities in them.  Vocational training to the young adults to harness their energy and abilities to help them open new doors to earn a comforting sum for them and their family. Once they are trained to do this, despite the clock ticking faster than their work, it tickles a sense of encouragement primarily in the parents and then the kids. Parents take a thunderbolt to accept their child’s abilities and unleash special qualities. We provide counselling to train and nurture parents in all phases to be a part of our special clan. Volunteers from Project ReachOut have immense interests to raise funds; design merchandise like T-shirts, caps, lampshades, earrings, clutches, and more. REACH tries to explore more talents/skills and provides a market that would avail the products at stores (eg. Desiadda) and be sold online. R E A C H provides a platform to take special people step towards independence. These products are durable and of the best quality, beautiful, unique, special, and priceless – REACH

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